To swear or not to swear? This lady asks the question.

I was a child growing up in a home where I never heard my Mother utter one bad word from her lips. Just the way she is. As I grew into adulthood I occasionally heard her say shit and ass but never the BIG “F” BOMB. I believe it wasn’t until the last year or so that I heard her say “Fuck”! It was over her dropping something. Wow, I almost fell over. I had to ask her if she said “that word”! She just smiled almost like a little girl and went back to doing her task.

Going back to my childhood, there was this woman that lived next door to us. every other word out of her mouth with “F” bombs. Total opposite of my Mom. As a child I thought she was from the tough side of the streets. She had a rough edge to her. Someone that would not put up with anyone’s crap. But the big turn off was her mouth and what came out of it. The rest of her I looked up to.

I turned out to be one of the swearers. Not quite the woman next door of me as a child and most defiantly not my Mother. I like to blame it on my work environment but none the less I know I am the only one in control of what comes out of my mouth.  I tend to not swear in front of strangers in my personal life but use the swearing towards strangers to get a point across in my job. I swear all the time around my co-workers but the swearing tones down in my home where I have two young boys. In the presences of my friends, for-get-about-it! If it’s a new word that is labeled a swear they all heard it here first. Oh, and I wouldn’t dare swear in front of my Mother’s side of the family. Mainly from the way I was raised to respect my elders but also from the fear of having my mouth washed out with soap.

So, do women really have to swear to get their point across? Does swearing make you look less of a lady or does it depend? Is it a turn on or turn off? Do you really need to swear to demonstrate to people you are a take charge kind of person? I asked many men this question, “Does fowl language from a woman’s mouth turn you off?” a majority of the males answered, “It depends!” It was interesting to find that out of these men, but two had similar answers. If a woman is out on a date or any social event they all tend to say it was a turn off if the female swore. If it was a work environment the type of job would depend on if it was excepted or not. An example would be if the woman was in a suit working in an office setting compared to a woman that was in a position where she needed to be assertive and take charge of her role such as law enforcement. Another place where women swearing would not be a turn off but a turn on was in the bedroom. OH (blank) YEAH!

Interesting to find that I am a normal woman who swears in her work environment, tries real hard not to swear around the kids and can talk swear freely in the bedroom.

Stay tuned for my next article on the views of women and the swear factor.


Today’s word, HINDSIGHT

Today marks the first day that I write in my blog. What to write, what to write. Today I think I shall start on speaking about the word in hindsight. If only we all could carry a crystal ball to help you make better choices in the actions we take regarding situations we may come upon in our daily lives. But then again, life simply would not be life if it was that simple. How many of you wish that it could be? To be able to see ahead and get a view of the “complete picture”! Some of you would use this tool as a way of avoiding confrontation and some will merely use it for selfish needs but how many of you really wished you had it just before you use those words, “In hindsight I would have done this or I would have done that” Well personally, I feel at times I wish I had that crystal ball so I can know the exact actions to take to make things go my way. Other times, I’m glad for not having one, so that my mistakes become a learning lesson so as long as I do learn from them. After all that is what makes us HUMAN, right?